Blade Angle is Everything

Knife blades vary from 13º to 21º and your “one size fits all” sharpener is not optimized for all of your knives. Get it right every time with the Angle Pro .


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I love it, perfect for every knife, very easy to use and they have excellent customer service.

Matthew M

Love my sharpener, read about it in the Florida today and was happy to support a local business as well! All of my knives are sharp and feel brand new!

Jane Green

Melbourne, Florida

This is awesome!

Reese R

Pasco, Washington

Great Product! Also a great gift. Love mine❤

Traci O

Melbourne, Florida

Just received my new sharpener and it's a beauty. Sharpend a couple of my knives and they turned out super sharp. I wish complete success for you and all involved with this wonderful product. I am going to tell some of my friends about it.

Tony G

Happy Valley, FL

I got mine yesterday. Works as advertised! Sharpened all my kitchen knives in just a few minutes!

Chris O

Sedalia, MO

Great product, got it yesterday and have sharpened all of my knives.

Scott C

Fernandina Beach, FL

Got mine. Works well! Some of my pocket knives, the blade goes right to the hilt and so I can't get the entire blade near the hilt sharpened when I have the covers on the wheels. But I was able to get it done by removing the plastic cover and making sure I hold the blade perpendicular to the sharpener base. Nice and quick sharpen. Love the idea that I can sharpen the blades more in line with their original angles. Thanks!


Got mine today and VERY happy with it! Thank you!

Michael A


Meals on Wheels

AnglePro has committed $1 from each knife sharpener sold for the Central Florida MOW program; an initiative they envision doing nationally.