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Never has this much sharpening power been available in one product.

Hone, sharpen, and give your knife a new edge at every angle.

How it works
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Blade Angle is Everything

Knife blades vary from 13º to 21º and your "one size fits all" sharpener is not optimized for all of your knives. Get it right every time with the Angle Pro .

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Keep your knives performing
like new.

The Angle Pro Sharpener will always give you the perfect edge!

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  • Bottom banner image Hone Your Blade

    Regular use will curl your blade. Straighten it with our ceramic honing wheels.

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  • Bottom banner image Sharpen Your Blade

    Use our diamond coated wheels to straighten and remove metal burs from your blade.

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  • Bottom banner image New Edge

    After heavy use, use our Tungsten Carbide Rods to put a brand new edge on your knife.

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