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Angle Pro Sharpener Promo Shot

Angle Pro Sharpener Promo Shot


Angle Pro Sharpener

The Angle Pro Sharpener was conceived and designed by Phil McMahon, a 20 year veteran of the knife industry, who has design three major knife brands including Rhineland Cutlery and EasySlice. While working with restaurant owners and the food service industry, McMahon has become an expert on sharpening knives.

When it comes to sharpening, angle is everything. The blade angle of a knife varies from 13º to 21º but your knife sharpener is set to one fixed angle. If your sharpener is set to 21º and your blade is 13º, your sharpener is just not going to work. The patent-pending Angle Gauge solves this problem by easily and accurately measuring your blade angle. Once you know your blade angle, you can use the appropriate sharpening wheel to put a perfect edge on your knife.

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“It lets me do it all, grind, sharpen and put true edges on my knives. It’s easy, efficient and foolproof.” ~ Chef James McGuinness, dean of culinary arts at Keiser University’s Melbourne Center for Culinary Arts

“The Rhineland Angle Pro Knife Sharpener is the first true advancement in knife sharpening technology since the Bronze Age. No training, no practice, no sending knives for sharpening, this is the only way to make your knives new again with ease.” – Shaun O’Neale, Winner of MasterChef Season 7 on FOX; Author of “My Modern American Table”


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  • Angle Pro Sharpener; front center
  • Angle Pro Sharpener; front angled
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  • Angle Pro Sharpener; front angled
  • Angle Pro Angle Gauge, dark

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Phil McMahon
Phil McMahon Founder/CEO
  • Owner of Vital Nutrition Cookware 1990-1999
  • Designed first knife line called Hammerstahl in 2000
  • Sold Hammerstahl in 2010
  • Designed and launched the Rhineland Cutlery line in 2012
  • Designed the Easy Slice line of knives in 2015
  • Owner of 6 patents
  • Extensive work with factories on new manufacturing techniques.
  • Expert on knife sharpening
  • Spent last 3 years perfecting the design for Angle Pro
Robert Long
Robert Long Owner/Marketing Coordinator
  • Professional artist and designer
  • Owner of Switch Creatives: a design, web, marketing company based in Cocoa Beach, Florida.
  • Brand development for Angle Pro Sharpener for 2 years
  • Commercial graphic design projects for prominent clients that include NASA, Space Florida, Rhineland Cutlery
  • Professional stained glass painting, design, and fabrication
  • Commercial installations for restaurants, churches, businesses, and residences
  • Board President of the Studios of Cocoa Beach, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) artist cooperative in Cocoa Beach
Natalie Cisneros
Natalie Cisneros Creative Director, Videographer, Photographer
  • Managing Partner of Jekyll Works: a boutique creative agency.
  • Works closely with executives / directors in crafting, cultivating and helping execute branding campaigns / projects
  • Campaign projects for prominent clients include: Cheerios, Disney and Funny or Die
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